Adding Tailwind CSS to React

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Though this is a simple first, the tailwind documentation seems to be a roundabout way of doing this. so thought I can share what may be a simple step to start using tailwind, especially for beginners. No frills to waste our time adding Tailwind CSS to React!

1 – Create the React Project

Most of us prefer typescript as we want to ensure type-checking alongside coding. The below command creates a react project in the folder ‘my-tailwind-app’

npx create-react-app my-tailwind-app --template typescript
npm create vite@latest for using vite and follow the steps

change the directory by using the ‘cd my-tailwind-app’ folder

2 – Tailwind CSS

Install tailwind using the command prompt in the same my-tailwind-app folder.

npm install -D tailwindcss postcss autoprefixer

Run the command to initialize tailwind inside the project
npx tailwindcss init -p

3 – Add support for js, and ts in the tailwind config

Open VSCode or any other editor and add content to use “./src/**/*.{js,jsx, ts,tsx}” in tailwind.config.js as below

Tailwind CSS to React

  • add the below directives to index.css
     @tailwind base;
    @tailwind components;
    @tailwind utilities;
Tailwind CSS to React
Tailwind CSS to React

Run the project

Run using ‘npm start’ for the project created with create-react-app or ‘npm run dev’ for the project created with vite and view the results on the browser.

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