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In the complex business world, we live in now, disruption is the only thing that stays the same. Because of this, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need to be flexible so they can give an answer promptly to shifts in market trends and consumer needs.

Business Process Automation (BPA) could be your best business friend when it comes to getting the right mix of flexibility and operational efficiency. BPA lets organizations automate and streamline tasks that are done over and over again. This makes processes more reliable and gives employees more time to do greater, strategic, and artistic output.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can level the playing field using automation solutions. This makes them better able to offer high-quality goods and services and cut costs like their larger competitors.

India’s SMBs are spending more and more on IT, and automation is a big part of that. A report in Fortune India says that more than 75% of the 97,000 SMBs registered with the India SME Forum have gone digital. Also, these small and medium-sized businesses are projected to spend nearly 2% of their income on new technology, which is up from 1% in 2020. Most of this money will be spent on automation.

“Don’t say it can not be done, rather say,
you don’t know how to do it yet.” 
​– Tomas Bata  

Business Process Automation Enhance Customer Service & Productivity:

Indian small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often rely on their employees to handle a wide range of manual tasks (like making reports or pairing invoices with payments) because they use a lot of different tech solutions and don’t have enough money. Even though employees might feel overloaded and unable to focus on their main tasks, this also makes it more likely that mistakes will happen.

Here’s how automation can make it easier for SMBs to do their jobs. Automation helps small and medium-sized enterprises do more with less by making them more productive and profitable and by letting them take advantage of economies of scale.

Costs of day-to-day operations go down.

With the right automation tool, you can handle operational and administrative tasks that are done over and over again quickly and effectively across all functions, including sales, marketing, customer service, IT, finance, and logistics. Automation allows skilled people to spend their time on more important tasks. In turn, this lowers your operational costs by a lot and lets you reach your goals with smaller teams.

Reduces manual dependencies.

In the latest data economy, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) must switch from focusing on people to focusing on processes if they want to be more efficient and grow. An automation tool for SMBs, like the Salesforce automated processes everywhere solution, makes processes less dependent on the people who do them. This lets SMBs drive change quickly. Creating specific customer profiles, mailing out email reminders, combining data from various sources, generating leads, and keeping track of employee performance are just some of the tasks that can be automated.

Reduces errors.

Business Process Automation enables consistency. Critical but routine tasks can be done in the same way every time. This makes operations and procedures more accurate and makes sure that high-quality work is always produced. From entering data to making reports and managing invoices, automation can help you avoid crucial mistakes, even when key team members are out of the office or being replaced by new people. Business Process Automation 

Business Process Automation

Encourages collaboration and participation across functions

By making an investment in business process automation, you can bring together disconnected, siloed workflows and see the whole process from start to finish. An automation platform like Salesforce Customer 360 can bring together data from different teams and functions, make it easy to track project progress, keep track of important dates and accomplishments, and exchange intelligence, documents, and project status with all employees. This gives everyone a clear picture of what needs to be done and lets them move quickly on important tasks.

Improves employee satisfaction.

By automating essential but routine business tasks, employees can spend more time on high-value tasks, which makes them more productive and happier. Automating administrative tasks like leave management, travel remuneration, hiring, and onboarding can also help SMBs give both current and new employees a good experience.

Makes it possible to give customers seamless experiences:

Business Process Automation could be a very useful tool for businesses that want to offer customized interactions at every point of contact with a customer: This is how:

  • Automate your advertising messages so that customers get personalized messages on the channels they like best and at the right time for them.
  • Use chatbots, AI-powered support software, and self-service account portals to make digital experiences seamless.
  • Encourage better data discipline and database management so that data can be collected effectively at all points of contact and cross-functional collaboration can be made better.
  • Find common problems and come up with a plan for fixing them quickly and making the process better.

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