The Benefits of Software Development-as-a-Service (SDaaS) for Your Next Development Project


SDaaS, also known as Software Development-as-a-Service, is a relatively new concept in the technology industry. It involves hiring software developers on demand to create customized software applications for businesses. This service allows businesses to meet their specific software development needs without the requirement of maintaining a full-time software development team.

SDaaS offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for businesses by providing access to software developers as needed. This model is particularly beneficial for companies with fluctuating software development needs or those lacking the resources to establish and manage an in-house development team.

By utilizing SDaaS, businesses can concentrate on their core competencies while harnessing external expertise to develop software applications that align with their business objectives. This approach can help expedite time-to-market, enhance efficiency, and reduce overall costs.

It is important to note that SDaaS providers may provide different engagement models, such as project-based or dedicated teams, and may specialize in specific technologies or industries. Businesses should carefully assess their requirements and select an SDaaS provider that best suits their needs.

How Software Development-as-a-Service (SDaaS) Enhances Business Value and Flexibility

Many businesses and organizations have their own IT departments or development teams to handle day-to-day tasks and maintain existing software architecture. While these efforts are essential, they may not necessarily add additional business value or address specific goals, such as building enterprise mobile apps or sustainable software solutions.

In cases where businesses want to develop new features and test them before committing to feature-rich software, Software Development-as-a-Service (SDaaS) or a dedicated software development team can be a better option. SDaaS offers transparency and predictability in costing, providing clients with a clear understanding of what they are paying for and what they can expect at the end of each development cycle.

SDaaS, unlike Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), should not be confused with a software delivery model. It is an approach that allows companies to delegate software development activities to a skilled team located outside their organization.

Through a partnership model, companies can expand their enterprise business unit by adding dedicated software engineers who focus solely on the project at hand and do not switch to other tasks.

By leveraging SDaaS, businesses can enhance their flexibility, source a skilled team of developers, and achieve specific software development goals efficiently. This approach empowers businesses to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from external expertise to drive innovation and growth.

There are several reasons why a company may choose to use Software-Development-as-a-Service:

  1. Access to skilled software developers: With the increasing demand for experienced software developers, it can be challenging for companies to find and hire top talent. SDaaS allows enterprises to tap into global talent pools and build a team of skilled software engineers and system architects.
  2. Transparency and scalability: SDaaS providers often use agile methodologies, which enable accurate planning and faster response times. This flexibility allows companies to pay for tasks and work at their own pace, ensuring better planning and adaptability in a rapidly changing business environment.
  3. Budget optimization: SDaaS offers a cost-effective approach to software development. Companies can access the skill sets they need while significantly reducing their development budget. SDaaS providers take care of costly amenities such as recruitment, IT infrastructure, bonuses, insurance, and HR support.
  4. Increased focus: By outsourcing software development to a dedicated SDaaS team, companies can shift their focus to core business activities. The SDaaS provider takes care of all software needs, including developing new features, quality assurance, and post-launch maintenance.
  5. Problem-solving: An SDaaS team consists of solution finders who can help companies implement innovative solutions. The team’s expertise and solutions belong to the company, making the SDaaS approach more personalized.
  6. Stable and reliable collaboration: Companies can rely on a dedicated SDaaS team committed to the success of their projects. With a low turnover rate and experienced engineers, companies can ensure continuity and progress without disruptions.
  7. Quality control: SDaaS providers have dedicated quality assurance teams that test and evaluate development results, ensuring a high-quality final product. This level of quality control may not be available with freelance developers.
  8. Reduced time to market: By having a dedicated SDaaS team working on projects simultaneously, companies can accelerate their software development and gain a competitive advantage. This faster turnaround time allows companies to launch products and services more quickly compared to their competitors.

At PM Square Soft Services Pvt Ltd, we offer Software-Development-as-a-Service that is backed by our commitment to agile development methods. Our approach ensures that the software we develop is highly functional, tailored to serve enterprises, and meets the highest standards in terms of performance. Additionally, we prioritize environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in our development process.


Our onboarding process sets the foundation for successful software development. With 80% of our work done for export, we have extensive experience in meeting the high standards of clients located abroad, including industry-leading companies like Azco, Inc., Consort Digital, Universal Aviation, etc.,

We take pride in our onboarding process, which is designed to be efficient and effective. Here’s a glimpse into our onboarding journey:

Initial meeting: We start by getting to know our clients and understanding their specific business needs that our software will address.

Quickstart: This two-week process includes in-depth discussions and analysis, either through on-site visits or video calls, to ensure clear communication and alignment.

Scope definition and solution design: During this stage, we propose how to solve the problem at hand. We work closely with our clients to define the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) scope, including requirements and delivery timelines.

Solution presentation: A formal presentation of the proposed solution takes place, involving key decision-makers and budget controllers from the client’s side.

Offer presentation and contract: We believe it’s essential for everyone to fully understand the deliverables and associated costs before signing any contracts. By ensuring thorough pre-work, we can provide a two-year guarantee on our work.

Kick-off: At this stage, we finalize the working agreement, define stakeholders, and establish a service-level agreement. We collaboratively determine the development methodology, establish routines, and plan for successful releases and go live. Our focus is on defining success measures and how they will be evaluated.

By choosing PM Square Soft Services Pvt Ltd for Software-Development-as-a-Service, you can expect a seamless onboarding experience, high-quality solutions, and a strong commitment to your success. Get in touch with us to discuss your software development needs and experience the difference of partnering with us.


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