High Demand Programming Languages In 2023

High demand programming languages

The High Demand Programming Languages skills are Java, Python, SQL, C++, and JavaScript, but Go and TypeScript are on the rise fast, based on a report from HackerRank.

The demand for skilled tech workers keeps increasing, and expert coders are no exception. Software developers who know Java, Python, SQL, C++, and JavaScript are in a great position to find work. This is what the HackerRank programmer skills report found. The most in-demand programming skills in the workplace are Java, Python, SQL, C++, and JavaScript.

The report said that the top three languages, Java, Python, and SQL, are expected to keep their lead in 2023 by growing faster and being used more.

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler

But the study found that demand for the top programming language, Java, is growing slightly less rapidly than the trend for other languages. C++ and JavaScript are also showing signs of slowing down, whereas the popularity of Python and SQL is growing.

A surge in demand for programmers who are fluent in Go and TypeScript has resulted in a rise in available positions, according to a recent report.

“Even when it’s not in the spotlight, Java has always been a powerhouse. It’s compatible with everything from supercomputers in data centers to wearable devices “developer advocate at Pluralsight Jeremy Morgan noted. “Java’s ecosystem is what really makes it shine. There are robust frameworks and top-tier tools available for developing any application.”

He continued by saying that Python’s “glue” language properties explain why it’s so popular.

According to Morgan, “it is often the quickest and most effective way to connect together a number of technologies or tools, and it is straightforward and easy to master.” In today‘s development environment, the fact that people who don’t think of themselves as programmers can master Python and become effective rapidly is always appealing.

Middle Ground is offered by Go & TypeScript:

Morgan cited Go’s wonderful middle ground for server software as the reason for Go and TypeScript’s meteoric surge in popularity.

“Prior to Go, if you wanted to write high-performance concurrent software, you’d choose a language like C or C++,” he explained. The quantity of code created in these languages is far more than in high-level languages, and there is a steep learning curve associated with using them.

“You may have the combination of both worlds with Go. It’s compact and easy to use, much like a formal language, “To quote Morgan: “To accomplish your goals, you need to write very little code. The resulting code, however, is fast, concurrent, and can easily expand with your business.” High Demand Programming Languages

Morgan remarked that he was startled by SQL’s continued expansion in the face of the growing popularity of NoSQL databases. I’m also shocked to see Swift drop so low, as it’s such a great language for making iOS apps quickly and easily as he put it. High Demand Programming Languages

High Demand Programming Languages

Demand for Software Devs Are Going Strong:

For software developers, the job market “looks fantastic” through 2023, according to Morgan.

He opined, “With our society moving more and more toward digital lives, there are considerably more prospects for the folks who design software for the cloud and mobile.

Those who can develop tools for data collection and processing will be in great demand, he said, because more and more businesses are seeing the value of doing so. In light of the exponential growth of machine learning comes a greater need for software engineers, as Morgan pointed out. There will be no shortage of work for programmers in 2023, in our estimation. High Demand Programming Languages

According to the HackerRank report, both employers and prospective employees place a premium on problem-solving and data-science-related abilities. There has been a rise in fascination with Kubernetes and Docker, as well as an increased demand for data-wrangling expertise (the act of converting one data format to another).

IT Jobs Still Has Its Going

Despite some high-profile staff reductions at large IT organizations, job opportunities for people in IT continue to be solid, according to the HackerRank index and other recent surveys and publications.

According to the most recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the technology sector has seen 23 months of employment growth. Cities all around the United States were hiring computer workers, albeit the demand was greatest in large metropolitan areas like New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

In fact, a September SolarWinds study of IT professionals found that they do not believe their firms are appropriately staffed as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic and the Big Resignation, which caused a huge portion of the labor population to leave their positions. According to a recent poll by JetRockets, nearly half of IT directors report that their firm is reducing its 2023 budget, leading to concerns about employee overwork and burnout. High Demand Programming Languages


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